Learning The Hard Way

I found Wicklow Strength and Fitness in late 2014 and it’s fair to say I was sceptical. I had joined various gyms on and off (mostly off) all throughout my teens and pretty much just copied the workout some big, scary dude was doing. I got some results but they were sporadic at best. When I joined, it was still primarily CrossFit. I didn’t even know it was a worldwide brand, I just thought it was a gym called CrossFit. 

What struck me immediately was the lack of machines. There was a lot of… open space. It looked raw compared with the typical gym scene at the time. In recent years, this style of gym has become far more common but even as recently as 2014 it just seemed alien.

Even stranger than that, everyone was being super friendly and talking to me. I had a coach leading the session and checking in on my progress and technique. I think the reason I found it so strange is that it was so unexpected. This level of care was not the norm for me but was in fact, completely alien.

Fast forward to 2021 and walking into a gym changed my life. Heck I own a gym now but it’s more than that. I made progress I never would have made if I kept gym hopping like I did in the early days. I found a coach who was able to guide me through the myths of strength training and I got results that exceeded what I dreamed of.

A lot has changed in the gym too. We’ve grown and become so much more than just a CrossFit gym. We use CrossFit as a tool but have also extensively studied health and fitness from many different angles giving us a greater knowledge base to help us on our mission of enriching the lives of the people in Wicklow through fitness. It’s also helped us to expand. We provide more options now than I thought possible a few years back.

It wasn’t always a smooth road, it never is. I’ve made mistakes, lots of them. When it came to my own training, my enthusiasm was the killer really. God knows when I get something in my head, it’s just all or nothing. I wanted to do EVERYTHING. I wanted to try EVERY strength programmeme, gymnastics course, fad diet, supplement and more. There’s so much out there and I felt like I needed to do everything I possibly could to get better. I thought more was better and I went for more and more and more.

My friends will tell you that I was a nightmare. Obsessing over training, food, sleep and everything in between. I can laugh about it now because I’ve learned from it.

There’s a balance to find. I pushed myself so hard I overtrained and ultimately slowed down my results. I wasn’t recovering but I did it because I feared that if I did too little I wouldn’t get the results I wanted. I couldn’t find the balance of training enough and not overdoing it. I learned the hard way and had my ass handed to me in doing so. It’s this experience and the experiences of the other coaches which helps us to continue to improve and aim for better.

Our programmeming is the result of our experience and learning over the years. We design it to provide balance: It’s not too little and it’s not too much. But even as hard as the workouts are, many people are tempted to do more: to add a little bit extra or even to do multiple workouts in a day. This is NOT the path to success. 

“But *Insert Famous Athlete Name* just put out this new programmeme and they’re so jacked I want to do it as accessory work”.

More is NOT better. Better is better. You have a coach. That coach is your filter. Your coaches are here to tell you what’s best for you and your goals. Sometimes we will recommend some supplemental work but only when it suits your goals. We want to work with you to get there. 

At Wicklow Strength and Fitness, our coaches want to talk to you every 3-4 months. One-on-one, in person. We want to put you on the InBody, ask about your goals, review your progress and then give you the best possible prescription.

Here’s a link to book the goal review. It’s part of your membership! Not a member yet? Click the link and book a free intro now so you don’t have to learn the hard way like I did.

What we DON’T want is for you to have to guess.

See you in the gym!



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