I’ll know I’m successful when you leave

As a coach, I’ll only know how successful I’ve been when my clients leave. 

Do I want them to? Absolutely not but let me explain;

The fitness industry can be a bit of a rat race at times. Most trainers and coaches will know that 95% of what you see on Instagram is, at best, exaggerated and at worst, bullshit. I mean Fit Tea is an actual thing.

Sure, most fitness trainers can get clients to lose weight. Most do so with the best intentions of trying to help people. 

Unfortunately what’s very common in the social media era, is selling some transformation programme that’s X number of weeks long. It’s designed so that you’ll blast through it and come out the other end looking better. It probably includes a diet plan that contains zero foods you actually like but you’ll lose weight. 

You may be miserable and malnourished but you got the before and after pic so it’s all good right?

Job done right? Well no, not really.

What happens when your transformation programme ends? You go back to old habits? Reward yourself with pizza? Of course you do. You just busted your ass working out and denying yourself the foods you want for however many weeks. If you did that, of course you’re going to reward yourself. 

If that’s been you in the past, don’t feel guilty. It’s what a lot of these programmes want. They want you to come back for another transformation 12 months from now and you won’t do that if you don’t go back to your old habits.

That’s not success for me and it’s not success for any coach worth their salt.

The mission of Wicklow Strength and Fitness is to enrich the lives of the people in Wicklow through fitness, 150 at a time. 

Why 150? Because I can only remember so many names, so many wives, husbands, kids and dogs. 150 people whose lives I want to make better through fitness. I can’t do that in 6, 7, 8 or 10 weeks.

Success for me is taking on a new client, learning about them, learning about their goals and their lifestyle. Success for me is tailoring their fitness programme so that it becomes part of their everyday life. No end date required because they enjoy it.

Success for me is making small changes that have a long term impact. Success for me is knowing them and knowing their stories and sharing the moments of success with them.

I said at the start, I only know how successful I’ve been with a client when they leave. Why is that? Well, some of my favourite clients of all time don’t train with me anymore. They had to move away, they got a new job or whatever the reason was.

I once had a client moving to London honestly tell me that the hardest part about leaving Wicklow was leaving the gym (Hi, if you’re reading :)) .

I view our role as coaches to be not only fitness trainers but educators. You should come to get fit and healthy but learn about what makes a good fitness programme along the way. You should learn about good lifestyle habits and you should learn about good nutrition. You should know how to move well so that you can perform quality movements in any gym you may join after us.

I want to teach you these things so that when you leave you can stay fit and healthy. You’ll know how to eat well and you’ll spot the bullshit fitness programmes a mile away. I want to be confident when you leave that WSF has enriched your life through fitness.

Because that’s our mission.

That’s how I’ll know how successful I am.

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