Wicklow To The Moon


I’m not going to lecture you on how tough the last year has been. In fact, unless you happened to be one of the billionaires who increased their fortune during 2020, I’m going to guess you had a pretty shit time. I mean, Elon, Jeff, if you’re reading then you’re more than welcome but I don’t think this one’s for you.

We were in it together though weren’t we? We checked in with friends and family, paused our lives to protect the vulnerable and despite inevitable days of frustration, we made the most of it. I had so many people reach out to me to just see how I was doing. It was a welcome break from the doom and gloom of the news reports to be reminded of the good in people.

I’ve spoken about the power of people and support in these blogs before but today we’re taking a different point of view. I want to look at Wicklow in general and look at the good in it. If you’re reading from outside Wicklow, I’m sure you can apply the same thinking to your local town or area too as no matter where you are, there’s people working hard to make things better.

It’s so easy to look around and see the things you don’t like. It’s always so easy to find the flaws in the place you live, especially if you were born there. I’m guilty of it, those who know me will know of some of my complaints as I’m quite the vocal young man. You’ve probably heard me cheering and shouting when walking by.

On the whole though, the older I get the more I appreciate Wicklow. I grew up dying to get away as most teenagers do but it was always home. I was so quick to spot the things that irritated me and were just wrong according to my teenage mind. 

In more recent years though I see the charm. The seaside town filled with greenery and spectacular views that I mistook for the ordinary. I have so many happy memories growing up here and a lot of them involve local people and businesses. I’ll never forget the excitement and giddiness of going into Hopkins Toymaster as a young lad with my parents, or needing Joan’s help in Gelletlie’s to pick out gifts for my mother… Okay so both of those things still happen to me but you get the point!


Now more than ever I believe Wicklow has the potential to flourish in a post pandemic world and that’s down to the people and businesses that make it tick. We’ve all had it tough and so have these businesses but having faced down the challenges of the last 15 months, are there many things we couldn’t overcome?

Walking through Wicklow now fills me with hope. Hope for a very bright future indeed as I see the positive influence of people working to improve the community. People are trying new things and introducing new ideas. There’s a new wave of energy complimenting the established ones we’ve grown up with. I’m a firm believer that the rising tide will raise all ships and as a local business owner, I want business and people to thrive in Wicklow.

Throughout the lockdown I had a long time to think about what I wanted Wicklow Strength and Fitness to be in a post pandemic world now that I am the owner. I want to be an active player in the growth and promotion of Wicklow as a whole.

We’ve started working on the Wicklow Strength and Fitness Community Partnership as a result. A partnership built around co-promotion with some of these great businesses. I want to work with as many of them as possible in the years to come. There’s so many amazing ones around now, aren’t there? Some are recent success stories and some have been here for generations. I’m hoping this is only the beginning.

Over the next few weeks we’ll spotlight a few of our partners via this blog and share their stories as there are some absolute crackers there to be told.

We have an incredible community here built around fitness and supporting each other in reaching goals inside and outside of the gym. The gym’s support for me has been INSANE and I’m sure you know that it goes both ways. I want to extend this community and this sense of support out to the wider area by spotlighting some of the finest places Wicklow has to offer. I want to tell their stories as sometimes we can visit a place 100 times without knowing their history. 

Wicklow is on the up and I’m proud to be a part of it. I’m looking forward to sharing other people’s stories over the next few weeks so stay tuned.

The rising tide will raise all ships and we’re only getting started.

Wicklow to the moon.


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