Me and The Cult Of Giving A S*&T

I’ve written two blogs so far and I haven’t really told you much about the gym. I really didn’t expect anyone bar the Wicklow Strength and Fitness crew to engage with them but the response has been incredible and I was humbled by some of the messages following the previous two entries.

Today I want to talk a bit about what we try to do at Wicklow Strength and Fitness and what makes it so special to me. I’ve seen it from all sides. I’ve been the client, a coach and now I have the privilege of being the owner.

Before I ever worked here though this place changed what I thought gyms could be.

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I always pictured the stereotypical gym scene, filled with people with earphones in, staring at each other across the room, daring the other to even try to take the machine they are using. That’s kind of what I was used to and I remember coming to WSF and being totally freaked out because everyone was asking me weird questions like;

“How are you?”

“Want to partner up for this workout?”

I was so confused. These people actually care about my workout and who I am outside? And that’s not even the staff, that was just the members. I was waiting for the punchline that never came.

It’s this level of caring that often leads to the term “cult” being thrown around. If giving a shit means it’s a cult then what more can I say other than;

“Welcome to Wicklow Strength and Fitness, the cult of giving a shit, how can I help you?”

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I’m not saying other gyms don’t work either, God no. There’s some great ones and there’s some great people working in the industry. I just believe in the way we do it. I believe it’s the way that gets the best results for the most people. 

It’s not just the results, it’s the added bonuses that come with being in the environment.

When I stepped through the gym doors in 2014 I just wanted to lose some weight and look good. My sole reason for exercising was I wanted to look better naked so I could feel better about myself. Does that sound familiar? 95% of our clients join us because they want to tone up, gain muscle and/or lose body fat. It’s okay to admit that. 

I’ve come a long way since I came to the gym. It transformed my life, I just wanted to lose some weight but it has given me so much more. I gained confidence, made some friends for life and got results that exceeded my hopes let alone my expectations. I joined to look better naked but the results went far beyond this and fundamentally enriched my life. I thought I was going to be an accountant but now I own a gym. Like what?

This experience drives what we try to do in the gym. 

I jumped at the chance to become a coach because I genuinely believed that we could help people this way. I still believe that. I still give a shit.

So what is our mission?

It’s our mission to enrich the lives of the people in Wicklow through fitness. 

We want to stomp out the fitness fallacies and myths around fat loss, performance and health. I care about Wicklow, I’ve had the chance to leave many times but have always chosen to stay. The Garden of Ireland as they say right?


I’m so proud of the team we have here too as they embody this mission. This is not a gym where you’ll find your trainer scrolling through Instagram during your session, we care. It seems like a very simple thing to say but caring is our number one quality. Of course, we’re all highly skilled and highly qualified but that counts for nothing if we don’t care enough about our clients to put that knowledge and expertise into practice.

It all counts for nothing if you feel like you’re just a number.

So why “enrich”? Well, because the type of training we do focuses on making you good at life. There’s nothing superficial here, we want you to not only achieve your fitness goals but to go beyond them. We want to make you a badass at life. You’ll be stronger and fitter to go play sports with friends, play with your kids. You’ll future proof your body against age and ensure you maintain independence. Oh, and you’ll look damn good while doing it.

You’ll be younger for longer. And while you’re young, you’ll do more things. Our team cares and we want to help, our whole business is built on caring about our clients and that’s why we can guarantee results.

Not only does our team care but the other clients care. It’s that cult of giving a sh*t mentality. It permeates the place.

Our mission at Wicklow Strength and Fitness is to enrich the lives of the people in Wicklow through fitness. What’s yours?


13 thoughts on “Me and The Cult Of Giving A S*&T”

    1. You just keep shifting tin mate and we’ll see about doing that naked calendar for you haha

  1. Great Blog Liam, like you when I first went to WSF I expected the stereotypical gym and was surprised by how much everyone cares for each other. That is way I call WSF my fitness family.

  2. New mission statement "we’re going to enrich the sh*t out of you" 😉

    An enjoying the blogs Liam.

  3. Brilliant read Liam. I loved every second since I have joined. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming .

  4. Great blog Liam! That’s what a gym and fitness community should be all about!
    I miss all my old ‘gym buddies’ at WSF 💕

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