8 Years Of Fitness

Sitting down to write this one is a daunting task. 8 years of stories and 8 years of friendships to try and convey in a few words. It’s tough. I am truly overwhelmed when I think about the amount of friendships I’ve built at the gym. Some of my favourite memories happened hanging out with people I met here. My 20s, for me, is WSF.

And I’m just one of hundreds of people who’ve crossed the door. I am tremendously proud and humbled when I see how many people have changed their lives by coming here. Whether it’s through losing weight, gaining muscle, gaining confidence and/or gaining friends, the positive impact that WSF has had on Wicklow and the surrounding areas is remarkable. I’ve been truly in awe of that this week as I looked back on some old photos and relived some moments. I am incredibly proud to be the man steering the ship as we enter our 9th year.

But the story of WSF is not my story.

“You may as well throw the money in the river”

“People around here won’t pay that”

Those are two things that Chad and Clara Biddle were told when they were opening WSF as CrossFit Wicklow 8 years ago. Thank God they didn’t listen. They persevered and established the gym as a presence in the town. They cultivated an environment that was, and still is, truly unique. It’s what made this place become what it is to me, special. I’d have gone through a wall for them. They changed my life and the lives of many others who came to CrossFit Wicklow.

But the story of WSF isn’t the story of Chad and Clara.

We’ve had some tremendous staff and coaches here throughout the years. I am in awe of my team. Alan, Caroline, Conor, Eddie, Oisín, Paul Kane, Paul Vize and Vicki are a bunch of rockstars who I am incredibly proud of. They embody everything I want WSF to be as we go into the future. Then there’s the team who got us to where we are, who all played a role in getting us to this point. Clara, Eoin, Holly, Ian, Katie, Mel, Orlaith, Sara, Teresa and Vessy all made WSF what it is today. I thank them all for everything I learned from them as they all brought their own unique talents.

But the story of WSF isn’t a story about staff.

It’s not my story, it’s not Chad and Clara’s, it’s not the staff’s. 

It’s yours. The members. Members past and present who chose us and trusted us to guide them through their health and fitness. Without the trust of everyone who crossed the door over the last 8 years then I wouldn’t have it, Chad and Clara wouldn’t have it and the staff wouldn’t have it.

Without you I wouldn’t have met some of the people I’m closest to in the world. Without you I wouldn’t have found my love for fitness. Without you there is no 8 years and without you there is no WSF. 

Our members are badasses and have always been the hero of the story. You’re Luke Skywalker, we’re the Obi Wan Kenobi’s and Master Yodas here to help you get to your goals. And you chose and trusted us to get you there and allowed us to become your friends in the meantime.

We’re a cult of giving a shit and this first year for me as the owner has been incredible. I mean it when I say I care about people’s goals and I believe in you. I owe you that because you’ve believed in me. Your support in those early days when the doors were closed is something I’ll never forget. This year was the perfect example of how you guys built the best atmosphere of any gym in the world.

If you’re reading this and you’re not a member but are considering it, do it. Not for me, but to be a part of that community spirit that got us here. 

8 years is a milestone but for me, we’re still only warming up. We’ve got a heck of a lot of work to do with a lot of fun stuff already planned for 2022. Looking forward to celebrating with you on Saturday night. We didn’t get to celebrate our 7th birthday so let’s make this one special yeah?

Wicklow Strength and Fitness to the F*cking Moon

PS. Sorry for yet another Star Wars reference. I couldn’t help myself!

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