Perinatal Programmes

Our Perinatal Specialist Vicki is on hand to help you manage training from pregnancy to recovery postpartum.

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Training around pregnancy

Whether you’re newly pregnant or postnatal we have a series of options available to help manage your exercise load as you prepare for your little one or to rebuild your body and confidence postpartum.

Personal Training

Work one on one with Vicki in the gym and maximise your time.

Online Programmes

We have a series of guided workouts that can be done at home in as little as 30-40 minutes. All delivered with video demos and expert feedback from Vicki to maximise results!

Take away the guesswork

Before and after pregnancy are busy times in life! Let us take care of the exercise chunk to keep you healthy while you look after your baby!

Me Time

Obviously your focus for most of the day will be elsewhere but to give the best care possible, we have to make sure we take care of ourselves too!

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