Individualised Design

Working with one of our expert coaches to custom build a programme around you, your lifestyle and your goals that can be executed anywhere and anytime.

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Why Individualised Design?

Everyone is different and has different fitness goals and needs. Our Individual Design membership is a customised programme built around you and your goals is executed in a community environment. Completely individualised daily workouts sent to your device that you can perform at a time of your choosing. You have the guidance of a coach remotely, and a coach on the floor, while you work out along side others.

Flexible Schedule

You have complete access to train any time between 6:30am and 9:00pm. You are not held to any one slot and can fit training around your schedule!

Set Goals

Like with Personal Training, you will be working one on one with one of our highly qualified coaching team. They will help you set and achieve goals throughout your time with us!

Constant Feedback and Communication

Using our app, you'll never be more than a click away from your coach. Send videos and pictures for analysis or even just ask a question. You'll also have the team of coaches on the floor to work with while in the gym.

Long Lasting Results

The One on One relationship with your coach will always lead to great results. A programme tailor made to get you results!

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