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A Welcome Return to The Power of People

This has been a good week hasn’t it? The 10th of May brought more easing of restrictions following what has been an incredibly tough lockdown period for us all.

We now have intercounty travel, we have virtual queues for Penney’s and we finally have our personal services back. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, home cuts, home dyes and all other manners of DIY grooming can be banished as we finally return to the barbers and salons. Hallelujah!

Finding Your Why

Just like writing this blog was for me. I had so many thoughts in my head and excuses not to write this but once I started typing, things got easier. It is the same with fitness. Just start moving and things will get easier.

Why You’re My Superhero

Sometimes they get their ass kicked too. The Joker whoops Batman sometimes. Even Superman gets his ass kicked and he literally has every single superpower imaginable. The reality is, if they didn’t find things hard and didn’t lose sometimes we just wouldn’t care.

Me and The Cult Of Giving A S*&T

It’s this level of caring that often leads to the term “cult” being thrown around. If giving a shit means it’s a cult then what more can I say other than;

“Welcome to Wicklow Strength and Fitness, the cult of giving a shit, how can I help you?”

Jack Charlton, a kid born in ’93 and the power of memory

What this film ultimately conveyed to me was to stop wishing time away. I’m a dreamer, often thinking several months or several years down the line and that is at the expense of the moment. The here and now has so much to offer no matter how much doom and gloom there is out there.

Pandemic Exercise, Fatigue and Guilt

There’s more than enough going on around the world that will be taking its toll on you. Don’t add to it by being hard on yourself when it comes to exercise, or lack of it. Try doing something. If you don’t manage it today, that doesn’t matter. Try again tomorrow.

The Benefits of Being in Nature

Hello Nature and thank you!  Today I want to talk to you about the many benefits we can benefit from just by spending a few…

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