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I’ll know I’m successful when you leave

Success for me is taking on a new client, learning about them, learning about their goals and their lifestyle. Success for me is tailoring their fitness programme so that it becomes part of their ongoing lifestyle. No end date required because they enjoy it.

A Message For Your Future Self

If you could write a message and put it in a box that gets delivered at a future date, what would you say? Most people…

Postnatal Courses

From Horses To Postnatal Courses

Looking back now I must admit that my first love wasn’t fitness. It was animals and in particular, horses that were my passion. I had…

Beating The Negative Talk

“Do not associate exercise as something you have to do when you’ve had a blowout.”

8 Years Of Fitness

It’s not my story, it’s not Chad and Clara’s, it’s not the staff’s.

It’s yours. The members.

The Impossible Dream

I was acutely aware of how special it was to be back so I tried to live and breathe every moment and every rep performed by the competitors on the floor. I cheered with every spectator and I celebrated every win.

Learning The Hard Way

More is NOT better. Better is better. You have a coach. That coach is your filter. Your coaches are here to tell you what’s best for you and your goals. Sometimes we will recommend some supplemental work but only when it suits your goals. We want to work with you to get there.

The Toothbrush and Forming Good Habits

Most likely you don’t need to set a New Year’s resolution to “start brushing your teeth” once the holidays are over (flossing is a whole other story, haha, so stick with tooth brushing for now as we talk through this analogy).

Wicklow To The Moon

In more recent years though I see the charm. The seaside town filled with greenery and spectacular views that I mistook for the ordinary. I have so many happy memories growing up here and a lot of them involve local people and businesses. I’ll never forget the excitement and giddiness of going into Hopkins Toymaster as a young lad with my parents, or needing Joan’s help in Gelletlie’s to pick out gifts for my mother… Okay so both of those things still happen to me but you get the point!

Buying a Gym Mid-Pandemic

There were days when I was struggling and frustrated, trying to figure out how on Earth I could make it all work.

But here we are,


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